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Russ Robson is an independent recording artist and singer-songwriter from southern Ontario Canada.

He conveys his own unique sound through contrasting genres being described as “Grunge Folk” with hints of acoustic folk music, mixed with alternative grunge rock and country. Imagine two busses crashing into each other at high speed… one filled with Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zant, Kris Kristofferson, and Steve Earle, the other filled with Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl and Scott Weiland.

Russ began writing songs and playing music at a very early age but has only recently decided to pursue his career. While living in an old tour bus on the west coast, Russ was given an opportunity to play a few of his original tunes to legendary producer Larry Anschell of Turtle Recording who was impressed and agreed to work on Russ’s debut album titled “Suitcase Coffin”. The original 13 track album was recorded live off the floor, received praise from Bucket list music reviews and gained some radio play.

Since the self-release of his first album, Russ has toured all over North America playing hundreds of venues and in 2017 was invited to perform at Rockin’ River Country Music Fest in Merritt B.C featuring Willie Nelson and Toby Keith.

Russ has recently teamed up with emerging producer Pete Swann of Attitude productions to work on his anticipated second album titled “Broken Wing”, which is set to be released in April 2019.

  1. Drink and fight Russ Robson 3:53
  2. Simple Thieves Russ Robson 4:27
  3. Come Undone Russ Robson 4:42
  4. Disposition Russ Robson 3:22
  5. Lisa Release Us Russ Robson 3:58
  6. Detroit River Gold Russ Robson 5:38
  7. Well Played Russ Robson 4:47
  8. 27 Mile Russ Robson 4:09
  9. Shoot You If You Stay Russ Robson 4:36
  10. Head Wide Open Russ Robson 4:25
  11. Suitcase Coffin Russ Robson 4:26
  12. Gravel Lane Russ Robson 4:12
  13. Tim's Song Russ Robson 4:59
  14. Honey Bee Russ Robson 3:48