Dream Dealer

Well you know me well I built the sky and brought you fools

As much as I am a part of you I was a witches’ spell

See it’s the mountains cried the rivers wide but cold as hell

Tell me why can’t you dream

Why can’t you dream

Well it’s man who climbed into the sky and found the mission bell

The singers sang and the dancers danced but the painters fell

Now who filled the air and brought the rains and washed away

All of your dreams

All of your dreams

Don’t you lie to me for I’m not listening so much to doom

And I fear the poison that you drink may fuel you

For now grab a spear and clear the way, still time to save

All of your dreams

All of our dreams, all of our Dreams

  1. Drink and fight Russ Robson 3:53
  2. Simple Thieves Russ Robson 4:27
  3. Come Undone Russ Robson 4:42
  4. Disposition Russ Robson 3:22
  5. Lisa Release Us Russ Robson 3:58
  6. Detroit River Gold Russ Robson 5:38
  7. Well Played Russ Robson 4:47
  8. 27 Mile Russ Robson 4:09
  9. Shoot You If You Stay Russ Robson 4:36
  10. Head Wide Open Russ Robson 4:25
  11. Suitcase Coffin Russ Robson 4:26
  12. Gravel Lane Russ Robson 4:12
  13. Tim's Song Russ Robson 4:59
  14. Honey Bee Russ Robson 3:48