Detroit River Gold

Only thing that scared him he had tattooed on his arm

Until the bank in 88 came and took away his farm

Had to Move the family down to harrow just to keep them warm

Everything they had was taken when they closed the doors

Well he couldn’t stop the rain from coming that year was quite a storm

And he couldn’t find the words for all the damage it had done

That’s when he said enough’s enough and he got himself a plan

After all he was a farmer so he grew himself some plants

And He went out nearly every night to the river he did go

Now it took some time but he did find that Detroit River gold

With a little bit of panning he could feed the families mouths

He started scrapping bottom so he put a call down south

Now it seems the boys had vanished and somebody burned em out

Anyone left around now surely had their doubts

Well He didn’t care for being scared no it was getting cold

The Time had come to find him some of that Detroit River gold

Now so the story goes

Well He got a load of pistols for a couple pounds alone

And He never usually dealt with no one if he didn’t know em

Well He’d never make it back to shore for he had been turned in

The DEA and RC’s had a chopper in the wind

Well He raised his arms maybe too fast and a bullet fired low

As he sank below he let go of the Detroit river gold.

If u ask me now I don’t how but they never found a soul

They called the search god it hurts when it starts getting cold

The sergeant said they did their best by now something should float

We got missing car a man at large and no Detroit river gold

Maybe he had succumbed and was flushed into the lake

Or maybe he had survived and narrowly escaped

Maybe he took that car and family down some old dirt road

With what was left covered the mess bought a boat and called it home

The truth is nobody knows it’s a secret that river holds

They say if you look in deep you might see his Detroit river gold

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