Written over the course of some wild gypsy adventures, driven by a creative and insatiably curious mind, Russ Robson’s music is a testament to the never-ending wanderings characteristic of those who leave home and never really return, and all the beauty that such a lifestyle entails.

Russ is capable of conveying a unique style through contrasting genres with unexpected yet perfectly-suited grunge influences switching interchangeably between Folk, Rock, country and I don’t know what. His awareness of his ability to meld his lyrics with his tone is one of the best qualities of his song writing. From jaunty country to 90s grunge, to folk music worthy of Bob Dylan, his unparalleled sound is his greatest strength.

 His debut album Suitcase Coffin was recorded in the summer of 2015, in White Rock, British Columbia. Replete with sounds and lyrics reminiscent of wayward souls such as Steve Earle, Eddie Vedder, Townes Van Zandt, Chris Cornell, and the late Hank Williams the album provides a glimpse into the mind of a promising artist blissfully making you feel as if you are in some run-down bar on the streets of downtown Nashville, rural Alberta, or Seattle

Russ has been around well before the recent folk revival really kicked into gear, but despite the genre’s popularity, his music manages to retain its undefinable originality.

His acoustic performances are the best example of Russ stripped-down and in his element.  They are sensationally enticing and you can easily listen to the layers in the songs making it hard to believe how seamlessly Russ is able to meld together incredibly complex riffs seemingly never-ending finger picking while alluring harmonies that exist between this kick ass singer-songwriter, a guitar, his voice, and his word. You won’t even realize that there is no other instrumentation.

He is a recipient of a Guinness world record for his participation in the World’s longest concert in his home province of Ontario. Russ has toured all over North America and played every little “ hole in the wall” from Toronto to Tofino to Tijuana  including; Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown CA, The Range in Slab City, Tavern on Main in Fort McMurray, Buds on Broadway in Saskatoon.He has performed on Via rail train from Montreal to Vancouver and back, and was invited to perform at Rockin River Music Fest in 2017 in Merritt B.C with special guests Willy Nelson and Toby Keith.

Russ Robson is the epitome of the bittersweet beauty of brilliant independent Canadian folk music that springs up in the most unsuspecting corners. If we were to give more recognition to those who write music simply for the sake of it being their most effective creative outlet, our national scene would be on fire.

Do your best to catch Russ, he is magnetic live.

  1. Drink and fight Russ Robson 3:53
  2. Simple Thieves Russ Robson 4:27
  3. Come Undone Russ Robson 4:42
  4. Disposition Russ Robson 3:22
  5. Lisa Release Us Russ Robson 3:58
  6. Detroit River Gold Russ Robson 5:38
  7. Well Played Russ Robson 4:47
  8. 27 Mile Russ Robson 4:09
  9. Shoot You If You Stay Russ Robson 4:36
  10. Head Wide Open Russ Robson 4:25
  11. Suitcase Coffin Russ Robson 4:26
  12. Gravel Lane Russ Robson 4:12
  13. Tim's Song Russ Robson 4:59
  14. Honey Bee Russ Robson 3:48